Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hakutsuru Draught Sake

Sake! Oh the lovely delicate aroma, soft and luscious. I'm beginning to appreciate sake more these days as I'm predominantly a beer brewer/drinker. Bad for my wallet but oh hell why not. Life's little pleasures!

Hakutsuru draught sake, which is what they'll call table sake to what table wine is to the wine world. I'm a noob in both departments so I'm learning and groping along the way.

This is relatively an easy drinker, pleasant and just goes down like water. I do not have any good vocabulary in describing sake now but it seems like what it is easy to drink like store bought draught beer.

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Dr. Bamboo said...

I'm a sake newbie too- I bought a bottle of this recently and really liked it. Of course now I want to find some way to defile it by putting it in a cocktail ;-)

southernoise said...

Dr. Bamboo: Oh no... do not defile sake like that! ha!

I just drank some Kikusui sake and there is indeed more depth and flavour when compared to this draught sake. It is the Budweiser of sake. :P

Noir said...

Try a Nigori. That's unfiltered sake. It looks a bit like watered-down milk, but the taste is awesome. It kills the bite. Drink it cold, without ice. Pairs well with chocolate or cheese, and of course any sushi. More of an aperitif than a drink you have with a meat dish.

southernoise said...

noir, thanks for the tip. Incidentally I saw some Nigori that day but opted for the range of regular Ginjo and Daiginjo.

jenifer said...

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