Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ciabatta, take two...

I wasn't convinced that I got the ciabatta recipe and method right, so gotta try it again to make sure that it was no fluke.

Same old recipe and method here, no changes and I got a nice loaf of ciabatta with a thin crispy crust and soft chewy crumb with plenty of holes to pick em dipping sauces. This will be the house specialty for now! Yippeedeedooo!


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evan 이벤젤린 said...

hello there, my first time here :D

lovely ciabatta, in fact i've been wanting to make it after trying the free flow one from bakerzin. but i'm quite intimidated by bread making at the same time, i don't hv a baking stone (tho' i heard an unglazed terracotta tile will might also do the trick). i saw u used a hot baking tray, is it good enough? =)

southernoise said...

hi evan! baking bread is easy especially if you're doing the no knead version. minimal work and almost always taste good.

I've not used any baking stone before and can't find any unglazed tiles, so I'm using the baking tray. so far so good.

Steam on the other hand is very important for baking bread.

jenifer said...

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