Friday, June 6, 2008

3 Monts/Trois Monts

Got this French Trois Monts ale brewed by Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre way back from my favourite beer stall at Bukit Timah Market and it was standing in the fridge for the longest time waiting for an occasion to pop the cork. Yeah... this beer is corked like Chimay Grande Reserve. Unfortunately this occasion never came, no BBQ sessions and no more mahjong sessions by the better half and the poly alumni.

The beer style belongs to the French Bière de Garde which is also known as farmhouse ales.

Its bottle conditioned and had quite a bit of yeast at the bottom. My bottle was way past its expiry, so the taste could be way off from the original. Blond in colour, highly carbonated with 8% ABV. I recognised some vanilla and coriander but somehow did not like the cloying sweetness. I do find expired ales sometimes to have this yucky sweetness to it. Oh well... I know I got pretty shitfaced after finishing this rocket fuel. :P


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myhusbandcooks said...

I'm surprised it was sweet or vanilla. I think of Saison Dupont being the standard for this style and that is so dry as well as the American versions I've had. It's also pretty high, can understand being quite tipsy at the end of the bottle.

michelle @ thursday night smackdown said...

ooh, i love farmhouse ale - i'm also surprised it was so sweet, most of the saisons i've had have been complex but quite crisp. foret is my current favorite.

southernoise said...

myhusbandcooks/michelle: I was surprised too when I got the cloying sweet aftertaste but I'm pretty sure that the beer is old as its past expiry.

will take note of your recommendations. We don't get saisons and farmhouse ales much here.

Keropok Man said...

Last week, friend having dinner with us had low carbo beer. Called Pure Blonde. Have you had that?

southernoise said...

nope, have not tried before! seems like it is from Foster.