Saturday, May 31, 2008

I can has dried cherry tomatoes?

YES! I can has! :P

Was chatting with Keropokman and Camemberu on Facebook about dried tomatoes and stuff like that recently, plus Camemberu made this totally delicious looking Moonblush Tomatoes AND browsing thro Chez Pim's Tomato Confit got me in the mood to make something with tomatoes.

Good old Sheng Siong had some cherry tomatoes promotion that was something like 3 boxes for less than 3 bucks or something like that.... I think. :P

Rinse and soak em for a bit.

Slice it halfway through but on hindsight, I should have sliced it into halves so that it would have dried faster. Placed em all on my dehydrator.

After a whole night of drying, it looks all shriveled up like this.

All three boxes of cherry tomatoes, dried and shriveled in a little bowl.

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Lucy said...

Those look awesome & I can't wait to have my own! I've just planted my grape tomato plants & look forward to making them.....

eugeniasim said...

Very nice dried cherry tomatoes. May I ask much is the dehydrator?

Keropok Man said...

oooo.. what wonders a dehydrator can do!

southernoise said...

lucy: So nice to have fresh produce fresh from the garden! Most of us in Singapore stays in apartments and best we can do is to plant some herbs!

eugeniasim: Are you from Singapore? If you are, you can purchase this from CK Tangs for around $200+.

keropok man: yeah! i make my own dried chilli too!

Keropok Man said...

wah, you never ever need to buy those hiam kio kwa again!

i always doubt the cleanliness of the dried chilli i buy. yours must be super clean! and you know that they are the good chilli and not some rotting ones!

Camemberu said...

Those semi-halved tomatoes look so cute huddling together on the dehydrator! Like little oblong Pac-Men all wanting to jump down that little hole!

The results are great! But what happens to teh water/moisture? Actually the water in produce is the cleanest and best to drink. Unlike our...ahem...recycled water.

Eh disable the word verification thingy la...leceh to post! :P

southernoise said...

keropok man... yeah, I make cili padi hiam chio kwah... one packet last me forever... 3 months ago and I still have a big bunch.

camemberu: the dehydrator dries the food slowly around 50-60 deg C, so no moisture at all. I didn't enable it in the first place! hahaha... I go and see!

Gourmet said...

I'm mad about dried cherry tomatoes. ;)

Annie & Nate said...

Pic #2 of the tomatoes in the dehydrator is very cool.

southernoise said...

Gourmet: yes they're delicious!

annie & nate: thanks! however I realise its not very efficient to dry tomatoes this way. Better to slice all the way for faster drying.

Kevin said...

Those look so good!